What is the best way to get more patients?

The easiest and most cost effective way to generate more patients is to get your practice online. If you don't already have a website it's time to get one.

Why you need a website?

Patients don't look for a dentist the way they used to. In the past, they would simply look in the yellow pages or call an "800" number.

The last decade has seen the explosion of the internet for everyone. Now, when we need information, we do a quick internet search to get the info we need, so a dentist not on the web is a dentist losing business!
How our websites can benefit your patients?

Patients can get educated about various dental issues & dental hygiene by going through the vast materials provided on your website.
Patients can find your practice using the interactive maps, directions & landmarks provided on your website.

Patients can save time by having the forms filled out by downloading them or E-Mailing the completed forms back to your practice before their appointment.
What image should your website portray?

Website visitors base their decision to call your office on what they see on your website. New patients want to know more than just your name and telephone number; they want to know how they can get a better, more satisfying experience from your dental practice compared to other dental practices in your area. Your website should lay the groundwork for reassurance and loyalty before the patient arrives in your office. We will make sure your website reflects a professional image.

Remember, the web is a visual medium and because first impressions are so important, patients may judge your credibility and expertise by the image your website projects.
Benefits to your Practice


A website makes your information available 24/7 to anyone, anywhere in the world who is interested in learning about your dental practice.
At "ESDwebsoluions.com" we have our exclusive online dentist directory, where our clients are given priority listing thus directing the patient traffic to their website.

A website promotes your business for a fraction of regular advertising cost! Traditional forms of advertising are expensive; these advertising options while common can get very expensive and lack in depth, information and versatility.
Why waste your money when you can give your patients all the information, education & tools they need about your practice on your website!

Edge over your Competition
A website gives your dental practice an edge over your competition by establishing an online presence that allows your dental practice to stay in touch with your new & existing patients.

A website communicates a progressive message about your dental practice.
Get your practice online now and call the experts in dental web design

Source : http://www.esdwebsolutions.com/

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