Another Surprising EFT Dental Result - Doomed Teeth recover

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Two dental specialists in Australia declared Linda Wilson's 4 year old son as having two dying front teeth. Here's how she handled it.

I purchased the DVD series about three months ago and I have taught both my son (4 years) and daughter (2 years) to let me know if they would like to do some tapping at the end of the day. This has produced many wonderful results.

Our greatest success, apart from easing them both through various daily dilemmas, has been with my son's two front teeth which were damaged in separate accidents and were declared to be 'dying' by two dental specialists. One of the teeth was already noticeably changing colour. My son would have lost these teeth approximately two years too early.

My son taught me very early to let him choose his own set up statements as it shows me clearly what it is he wants to tap on. In this instance he said "Even though my teeth have been hurt I'm a really cool kid". We also did a bit of ad lib with "even though my teeth feel different; my teeth are sad because they got hurt; the dentist said they would fall out; my teeth might fall out" etcetera and ended all of the statements with "I'm a really cool kid".

The result - two gorgeous white, strong and healthy front teeth remain in his mouth! My favourite setup statement my beautiful boy has come up with is "even though mum sometimes yells I'm a really cool kid!" My two year old asked me today why I was tapping. I told her "it makes mummy feel better." Her response - "me too!"

Thank you for this wonderful gift.

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