All about Apex Locator

1. Root ZX II Apex Locator

Apex Locator

As the world's best selling apex locator, Root ZX II has set the industry standard for accuracy and patient safety. Invented in 1992, it was the first unit with the ability to work in wet canals - measurement is not affected by the presence or absence of blood, other discharges, or electrolytes. Root ZX II features patented technology which offers an accuracy rate of 96.2%*. User friendly, its display screen is large and easy to read. The action of the meter in the display corresponds exactly to the tactile sensation of using the file. Other features include: slim, lightweight file holder, no zero-adjustment, automatic calibration, battery power indication, and automatic power off function.

As an optional upgrade, a module enables the unit to function as a low speed handpiece, apex locator, or a combination of both. The module snaps easily onto the back of the unit and offers numerous safety features
including Auto Torque Slow Down.

2. ProPex® II

The Propex® II Apex Locator from Maillefer features a new generation full colour visual display for improved tracking of the files. It also has the latest multi frequency technology incorporated into this 5th generation apex locator and an extended apical zoom function, which activates when the file reaches the apical area, assisting the dentist to locate the apex in most types of root canal conditions. The Propex II apex locator has a small footprint and operates on a rechargeable battery, so it can be moved between dental surgeries with ease.

3. Raypex 5

Apex locator for accurate length determination

The foundation for every successful endodontic treatment
* Precise determination of working length in the Apex Zoom
* Electronic length determination has been recognized as the safest method
* No more over-extended or under-extended root fillings
* Conventional radiography diagnostics is not reliable due to the 2D representation of a 3D root canal morphology

Reliable display
* Large projection of the apical section with unique visualization of the apical constriction
* Pre-calibrated display of the apical constriction area, no individual calibration necessary1
* Live representation of the file movement along the entire root canal 1 study data on file

Accurate technology
* Impedance measurement based on advanced multi-frequency system
* Latest digital technology

User-friendly operation
* Foldable display adjusts to desired viewing angle
* Backlight display
* Anti-slip casing with cable storage compartment
* Battery charge indicator
* Instruction CD-ROM included in kit

* Built-in demo mode for quick demonstration to patients
* Length determination without radiation

4. Sybron Elements Diagnostic Unit and Apex Locator
Elements Diagnostic Unit"The Elements Diagnostic allows a reliable silky smooth advancement to the apical constriction that has stability, predictability and ergonomic applicability."
- Dr. Gary Glassman

When you’re doing a root canal, you need to get to the point – the apex – predictably, efficiently and accurately. SybronEndo’s proprietary 4th generation Elements Apex Locator offers a major breakthrough in software and hardware technology – the first in ten years. This technology optimizes earlier engineering to give you the most precise readings available today. What’s more, the Satellite Display, which you can place on the instrument tray, the microscope, the patient’s bib or anywhere else you choose, brings critical data into your field of vision. See how we can advance your diagnosis with SybronEndo’s Elements Diagnostic Unit and Apex Locator.

Features and Benefits
* Auto-power off conserves battery life
* Full-range audio speakers eliminate annoying beeps
* Nonglare tilt screen with digital and graphical feedback
* Autoclavable medical-grade cords and connectors
* Probes are gold plated to resist micro-corrosion
* Automatic calibration for a moreaccurate diagnosis
* Advanced battery technology for longest life between charges
* Vitality Scanner provides pain-free electric pulp testing and accurate analysis in the presence of EDTA, sodium hypochlorite, blood, saline, water and hydrogen peroxide

5. iPex

Advanced Digital Apex Locator for Accurate Root Canal Measurement

The new NSK advanced digital apex locator accurately measures the length of any Root canal, including dry, wet and bloody canals, and eliminates the problems from using analogue locators. It automatically selects the best possible combination of frequency to meet patient’s canal condition, thus guarantees safer canal interventions and improves patients’ comfort. iPex’s large LCD display plus audio signal instantly provides accurate information required for precise canal treatment.

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