All about Rotary Instruments (Endomotor)

ENDO-MATE DT is specifically designed for use with Ni-Ti files from all major suppliers. User-programmable preset memory can store up to 9 speed and torque settings exactly to the supplier’s spec. A compact and lightweight control unit offers convenience of full portability between offices. ENDO-MATE DT can be hooked up directly to wall outlet or used with rechargeable battery. A large LCD display offers higher visibility for instantaneous recognition of micromotor status.

2. X-Smart Endodontic Motor


* Simple, flat control panel and LCD screen
* Advanced handpiece - light and small head that can be adjusted to 6 positions
* Compact and portable - operates with or without foot pedal and can be battery operated as well as electrically powered
* Three auto-reverse modes
* 9 adjustable programme selections

3. VDW Gold Motor

In addition to the features of the VDW Gold Motor, this motor also features:
- Programmed with individual torque and speed settings for most of the available NiTi systems
- Integrated Apex locator with simultaneous preparation/measuring and stand alone possibiltiy
- Additional programme for canals with difficult anatomy
- All settings can be saved and changed

4. VDW Silver Motor

This is a new generation of motor designed specifically for endodontics. It incorporates many features to make the operator's life easier.

• Intuitive menu navigation with only a few keys
• Simple operation and clear display
• Battery operated, can be used while charging
• Pre-programmed torque and speed settings for triniti and Mtwo
• 15 Further instrument settings ( torque/speed) can be saved
• Automatic reverse rotation when set torque limit is reached
• Acoustic warning signals
- when rotating in reverse
- at 75% of the set torque values
• High quality Sirona 6:1 contra-angle

5. ENDOTOUCH™ TC Endodontic Motor
The EndoTouch TC is our first endodontic motor without a cord or foot pedal. Small, light, and powerful, the EndoTouch TC delivers five torque settings and nine preset speeds, giving the clinician total control during instrumentation. Combined with the revolutionary and durable K3 rotary nickel-titanium files, it is the most advanced system available.
* No cord or foot pedal
* Small, lightweight and comfortable
* Five torque settings
* Nine constant speeds from 125 to 625 rpm
* Auto-reverse
* Quick-charge battery


The microprocessor controlled TCM Endo III is a slow-speed, electric torque-control motor capable of achieving faster and easier root canal preparation. Speed and maximum torque levels are preselectable and constantly controlled by the TCM III control unit. Speed is constant until the adjusted torque limit is reached, then the motor will reverse for 2 revolutions and return to the forward direction to finish root canal preparation. The TCM III is compatible with both Quantec and K3 Rotary Systems.

6. Endo DTC®2 Aseptico

• Advanced endondontic technology
• Handpiece calibration
• Bright, easy-to-read display
• Intuitive user interface
• Integrated file library
• Torque shown accurately in gram-centimeters
• Auto-Stop-Reverse
• Five programmable preset buttons
• Preset options allow single file, file series, or custom file series
• Powerful brushless 30,000 rpm autoclavable micromotor
• Upgradeable software
• Manufactured in USA

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