My Favorite Quotes :

- Abundance is an internal thing, external Abundance is a natural manifestation of it

- Let go of the how, focus on the what and what feels good, let the Universe orchestrate the details. You do the vibrational work, let the Universe organise

- You attract that which your vibration is dominant on, put your attention on where you want to be or on what feels good

- Live from a KNOWINGNESS that you are on your way to what you want. Beyond expectation and belief

- When you visualise what you want, do it because you LOVE the imagery & it FEELS GOOD, not because you are 'trying' for something - they are different vibrations

- Put your attention & focus on where you WANT TO BE than on where you are or were

- You have your own stream of abundance, when you are lined up to it vibrationally you attract matches to your vibration

- The heart (and ur feelings) know much more than you
consciously can know, follow your feelings & impulses, they are your guide

- If you are vibrationally in the right place then the right things will take care of themselves

- Abundance is attained by tuning in to what you appreciate HERE, and more of the same is attracted, and it grows and grows

- What you experience in life is a REFLECTION of your thoughts

- Be at peace with OUTRAGEOUS ABUNDANCE, it is ur birthright and you can have as much as you want to EXPECT & ALLOW into your life

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