» Have you ever noticed that with certain people, you have a love / hate relationship and no matter how much you try to change it, it still persists?

» Have you ever wondered why certain talents come to you very easily and without much effort? Have you ever tried to get rid of your habits and patterns? and no matter how much hard you tried you could not release them.

» Have you ever wondered with some disease / ailments no matter how much of therapy you do, they still remain or come back after a short span?

» Does the thought / idea of accident / death scare you?

» Have you ever felt familiarity with any place you visited for the first time and wondered -"Have I been here before?"

» Have you ever experienced an instant affinity towards a person whom you met for the first time and felt that you know him / her since long?

» Have you ever stopped to wonder what is the purpose of your life?

These and many other similar occurrences in life have some connections with our past lives. No matter what we do, we may experience dissatisfaction in relationships. No matter how hard we try, we somehow can never get around to accepting those relationships. Relationships that may not only be with the persons concerned. Our relationships with money, sex, time can also be considered as issues of life where we experience less or no freedom to be.

There are many shadows which are present in the form of fear, depression, sadness, anger, self limiting beliefs, disease and death phobias, guilt etc. which have their source from the past. We keep behaving with these shadows and patterns over and over again.

"Memories fade with time they say.
But repercussions go a long way.
It is not the pleasant memories that one shirks from,
Rather the unhappy one's that one seldom forgets."

Memories are carried as imprints on the soul to the next life.
Most of the current issues in our present life are connected to the past and some are connected to the very beginning of our life cycles.

Everyone of us have memories of who we actually are. What is our source and where have we come from? What is our purpose? Why have we come to the planet Earth?

These are the basic questions that we deal with in the seminar and the answers to these questions lie within us. In the past life seminar we can re-experience these memories. Using different techniques we can recall all the previous forgotten events which are some times also our current life issues. In the past life seminar, we will be dealing with the habit patterns of our current life and be able to identify where in our past life they originated.

The purpose and goal of this seminar is not to concentrate on the past, but to make a difference in the present life by completing the experiences of the past through different techniques. Past life exploration and experiences allow us to get right to the depth of our issues / concerns and to its point of origin. Once we re-experience the memories of past life / lives, the issues / concerns in this life dissolves.

This helps in healing of psychosomatic illness, phobias, sexual problems, habit patterns, relationship issues, addictive behaviors, guilt, fear, anger, sadness etc.


» One will come to understand how the current fears and phobias, relationship issues, blockages to abundance and creativity are there in our life and how we can release them.

» One will discover and use different techniques to release persistent conditions of illness that have not responded to other types of therapies.

» One will be able to learn about talents one carries over from one life time to another.

» One will be guided through the seminar to understand relationships in a different context as to why certain people are there in your life, why you can not get along well with some people, why you have the kinds of relationship concerns with them etc.

» One will experience, at one point in the seminar a shift in their being, a moment of timelessness, a-quantum leap in their consciousness.

» Our inner journey can be a turning point in our life, and can bring about the deepest level of transformation.


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