Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression

This work is based on the groundbreaking research and instruction of Michael Newton, Ph.D., author of the best-selling books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. Life Between Lives hypnosis is both an extension of, and evolution beyond, Past Life Regression. The techniques of Life Between Lives hypnotherapy allow us access to soul memories while in a state of consciousness we call the superconscious mind. The success of Life Between Lives hypnotherapy lies in part in the length of the session and the depth of the trance state. Sessions typically last between three and four hours, sometimes longer. The Life Between Lives process, also called Spiritual Regression, allows subjects to connect with their soul-self. You will bridge your physical incarnations and connect with immortal life in the spirit world.

Connected to our eternal self, we are able to see an entire evolutionary karmic growth pattern while mentally residing in the world between lives that is our true home. We learn why bodies and lives were chosen; the fit between the experiences encountered in past and present lives; and the lessons they brought. Past and present human lives are seen as but alter-egos of an eternal identity. In this state of heightened perception and understanding, clients are able to find the answers to age-old questions such as: “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “Where do I come from?”

One of the most profound spiritual components available to individuals who undergo Life Between Lives spiritual regression is direct contact with the personal teachers we call spirit guides. These wise beings have been assigned to us since our creation and directly connect with clients during their sessions. Bringing this experience to a conscious physical state promotes a transcendental awareness of having a personal relationship with a higher power.

The findings reported by Dr. Michael Newton, developer of LBL work and author of Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, represent some 7,000 LBL cases spanning a period of over 30 years. Dr. Newton’s clients, and those seen by LBL therapists certified and trained in his methods, report remarkable consistency regardless of the client’s religion, philosophical orientation, or nationality. Through years of clinical observation it has been noted that a single LBL session promotes enduring positive changes to a client’s life and understanding of purpose. Clients consistently report that finding their place both in the physical world and in the eternal spirit world is the most significant work they have done.


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