Are Damon braces really better than regular braces?

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“is damon braces really better than regular braces” this was the actual phrase in one of our visitor’s search. The fast answer: YES they are better. Before I list again the benefits of having Damon braces, please read the 2 articles that detail how the 2 orthondontic systems work:

* Metal braces - with ligatures
* Damon braces - metal self-ligating brackets

And now let’s see why I was so fast with telling you Damon is better. The Damon braces do cost more than the regular braces and in some cases the dental insurance might not cover this difference. Still you are lucky .. in my country no orthodontic treatment is covered by the insurance, but this is something different, so I need not digress.

In order for a doctor to be able to work with Damon, he/she needs to be accredited. This would be another small set-back since some orthodontists are not licensed to use this. Most top doctors do have the certification so it’s not such a huge deal in the end.

And now back to the subject at hand: why the Damon braces are better than the regular ones.

1. No ligatures, smaller brackets - the self-ligating system on the brackets make Damon better. You don’t need ligatures on your brackets and the brackets themselves are smaller. Some are already partially “clear” so it makes them even harder to see. More discreet braces help with the aesthetics too.
2. Some patients don’t need extractions - there are cases when the the Damon system can solve the problem without extractions. Sure, even if they do advertise this, it does depend on the patient. The thing is that when regular braces required extractions, Damon might solve this without them. Still there are patients with problems that can’t be solved other than having extractions. I was such a case. Damon was able to solve my huge problems (rotating teeth, teeth that were mispositioned not only misaligned), but still needed the space to work (since I do have big teeth).
3. Faster treatment - some claim Damon works in half the time. I read about patients with regular braces and they needed over 20 months in treatment for complex cases. Even 3 years. If I wanted Damon only, my problems would have gotten solved in 14 months. I saw HUGE progress in just weeks. After 3 times in the treatment my teeth looked amazing already. Damon is a very serious system and the braces “don’t play”, they work.
4. Overall Damon is not as hard to wear. After solving some sores in my mouth and getting pass the first painful days (all braces do this, the pain means the treatment is working), I really liked it. I know it might sound like I am a “masochist”, but it’s not that hard. The braces weren’t too big and I was able to have almost a normal life. And the Damon braces do look nice. I was scared at first for having a metal mouth (the reason I chose to wear Invisalign for my front teeth, after the lateral ones were getting straightened with Damon) and I regretted this decision after seeing some patients who wore full Damon. They looked pretty nice, as if they had some silver jewels on their teeth.

Damon braces are considered to be the “new generation” braces. My orthodontist doesn’t use the regular ones for some years already. He’s using Damon, ceramics, Incognito and Invisalign. I wore Damon 3 braces and so did many of his patients. The Damon braces use the ideas that made the regular ones work nice for years, but offer faster results, with less “equipment” needed (not ligatures on the brackets), with a better aspect and more discreet brackets.

If you can afford Damon, I do advise you to go on this route. Regular braces do work nicely, but Damon does work BETTER.


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